About our lamination equipment

Lamination is the procedure under which two or more flexible packaging materials are combined together using a bonding agent. The materials that the webs consist of can be films, papers, or aluminum foils. There are a wide variety of uses for laminated packaging in the food and non-food packaging markets. Licaplast ensures to meet specific requirements to deliver maximum efficiency and quality in this process.

Typical applications for laminated films would include packaging for Form Fill and Seal equipment, Frozen Foods, Fresh Produce and various rolls stock material for dairy and confectionary applications and Stand up Pouches.

Licaplast is focused to meet specific requirements delivering  maximum line efficiency and quality in this process. Laminated structures commonly used in flexible packaging may include PET, OPP, LDPE, LLDPE, Foil, Nylon, Metalized PET and depending on the end use, structures may benefit from the use of barrier coatings such as EVOH and Aluminum Oxide.

Our HS lamination equipment can produce a wide variety of structures up to 60 inches wide.

Our lead time is among the shortest in the industry without compromising our total quality commitment