About us

We have been producing flexible films for packaging, printing, and specialty applications since 1988

Our story

Continuously passionate about our products and our commitment to service excellence, Licaplast does more than providing (provide) packaging solutions for the 21st century enterprise (enterprise). We offer high quality engineered packaging materials, increased productivity, competitiveness and profitability to customers across North America.

With our advanced technologies, market-driven solutions, skilled associates and proven commitment to sustainable value creation, we are driven to help you grow your business by developing Customer Enrichment Strategies, aligning our packaging capacities and thorough support and service with your company’s goals.

Licaplast remains fully committed to maintain its focus on leading-edge product development, manufacturing excellence and superior customer service.


Our Vision

Our mission is to create value for our customers, employees and owners alike. As a group of packaging professionals with a common goal, we are unified as one strong team with one vision. At Licaplast, we work as one team to achieve success, through our focus on our customers, in a respectful, unique and diverse environment. Our proud heritage serves to promote our customer’s push to market domination.

Our pledge to develop and manufacture environmentally sustainable flexible packaging products, our re-investment strategies and our constant desire to grow help us deliver a flexible approach to reducing the manufacturing time-to-market for our clients.

We are committed to being more flexible than our packaging